So you wanna play 3D Poker?

Welcome to Play 3D Poker Online!  On this website you can find all the information you need to play 3D poker.  If you are new at online poker in general, you can find the rules to all the different types of poker games, strategies, and where you can find further information on playing poker in general.


3D Poker Rooms

Name Bonus Type Avatar US
PKR 100% up to $800 Texas Hold’em, Omaha fully customizable No US
Poker3 100% up to $500 Texas Hold’em & Omaha Heads Up pre-made US OK


Why 3D Poker?

Poker has been online for a long time, and many online poker companies such as Full Tilt and Poker Stars have become huge, even hosting their own tournaments.  So what makes 3D Poker so different?

There is a different psychological level when it comes to 3D Poker.  First off, depending on where you are playing, you have more control over your avatar.  You can be a young woman, or and older man, basically whoever you want to be.  You can be yourself, or you can be someone else.  This gives you an advantage as certain types of people are looked upon differently in the poker world.

For example, a young women at a poker table is more likely to seem naive and an easy target than a man. I’m not trying to sound sexist (I’m a woman myself), but it is fact. Poker is still dominated by men.  But in the 3D Poker world, that beautiful young woman can easily be an old man with years of poker experience.  So it is easier to present yourself to the world the way you want the world to see you in 3D Poker, and use it as an advantage.

3D Poker sites also offer the ability to certain behaviors to the table, such as laughing, taunting, and acknowledging good hands, just to name a few.  You can also choose not to use any of these (which is easier) and have a true poker face.  But there is definitely a different thought that goes through a players head when you raise, and then laugh out loud, or when you win, and call the others a loser.  You can use these to your full advantage in 3D Poker.

The girl behind

Avatar at PKR

My avatar at PKR, rhenium3

I remember my first poker game like it was yesterday.  My brothers invited me over to their friend’s house to play a friendly game of Texas Hold’Em with a $5 buy in and $0.10/$0.50 blinds.  I knew a bit how poker worked in general, but had no experience with Texas Hold’Em. I have to say I was so nervous, my heart was pounding in my chest the entire time!  I ended up calling one of his friends on a huge bluff and winning a nice pot.  I lost $5 (had two buy ins), but was happy that I didn’t loose $10, and I truly thought I would never play poker again.

But then I started to hear about the 3D Poker world and decided to sign up for a free account at PKR. I played for free for awhile, learning the rules and stats, but quickly got bored with the free games. There is a different mentality when people aren’t playing for real money, and I wanted to learn real poker. So I deposited, got a bonus, and have been playing ever since.

PKR is fabulous but the only reason I can play there is because I live in Sweden. Unfortunately my friends and family can’t play there because they are in the U.S.  But then I came across Poker3, which does allow US Players!

A bit of a disclaimer – I am no professional poker player. I have no bracelets, and I haven’t played in any tournaments.  But I love poker, and as I gain experience and knowledge, I will be updating this site. If you are new to poker in general, this site will be a great place to start off. If you are fascinated by 3D poker, then this is the place for you.  Take a look around and sign up for our newsletter!